Nassau County NY

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Nassau County NY - Highlights Of The Area...

Nassau is a gorgeous county located between Suffolk County and Queens Borough on the western end of Long Island, NY. The County is home to a fast-growing population of approximately 1.36 million people according to a 2018 population survey. Mineola village is the administrative center of Nassau County while Hempstead town is viewed by many as its commercial center. Due to its high population and extensive road and rail connection to New York City, Nassau County is considered one of the principal counties in the New York metro area.

The Dutch people were the first Europeans to establish settlements in today’s Nassau County. Before their arrival, the area was largely occupied by three distinctive groups of Munsee speaking Native American tribes; the Marsapeque, the Sacatogue, and the Matinecoc. In 1899, the eastern section of Queens County separated from the western part of the county to form the borough of Queens. The remaining part of what was formerly Queens County became Nassau County. The name Nassau has a historical significance in that it was one of the several names that were used to refer to today’s Long Island in the old days.

Nassau County Towns

In NY State, Nassau county is the westernmost county on Long Island and is divided up into 3 towns.
  • Hempstead
  • North Hempstead
  • Oyster Bay
The rest of the communities include 64 incorporated villages, and over 100 unincorporated areas. For Nassau County Government information and services, click here.